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Nazareth, the Caesarea Inscription, and the hand of God (E. Tuccinardi)
(Complete article in English)


David Fitzgerald, “Ten Beautiful Lies About Jesus”


The Natsarene and Hidden Gnosis (Salm)
A newer and expanded version of this article is available in six posts beginning HERE.
Jesus Nazoraios: Hidden Truths Revealed (Mckenna)


Ditlef Nielsen, The Old Arabian Moon Religion and the Mosaic Tradition (1904):
– Chp. 1: “The Conception of God”
– Chp. 2: “Sacred Times”
– Chps. 3 & 4: “Sacred Places”, “Moses in Midian”
– Chp. 5: “Wandering in the Wilderness”


Frank Zindler:
“A Statement on Mythicism”
“Ehrman and the Emperor’s New Clothes”
“B. Ehrman and the Cheshire Cat of Nazareth”
“Cognitive Dissonance: The Ehrman-Zindler Correspondence”

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