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I’ve decided to use 2017 as an opportunity–long overdue–to actually read the scores of books in my library that are still unread, and also to cross-reference the hundreds of articles in my bulging file cabinets. All this is preparatory to formulating a (hopefully) comprehensive view of Christian beginnings, a view I’ve been tentatively working towards for years. Eventually, I hope to write a long-envisioned book, “A New Account of Christian Origins.” Being almost 65 years old, little precious time may be left to waste…

Stepping back like this feels surprisingly good, and it may also be a natural development of the changed political climate that is taking up so much of our attention these days. I’ve given up the Internet (wow) and will be checking my email about twice a week at the library near where I live. Have no fear about this blog–it will remain available to the public, though I don’t plan on uploading here for awhile. (But you never know!)

New contact info: I have a new email, should you wish to contact me: My long-time email address ( is no longer working! For those of you who have them, my snail mail address and telephone number are unchanged.

Stay well, continue to grow in your understanding of Christian origins, and help us all progress towards a more perfect democracy…

Best regards,

René Salm

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René Salm is the author of two books on New Testament archeology and manages the companion website


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  1. Aw Rene – I’ll miss your posts. However I’m older than you by 5 years and know what it’s like to be an old man in a hurry – to find answers to so many questions.

  2. Best of luck. Thank you for your work, for this website, and for being an independent thinker in this field! I look forward to whatever you will be putting out next.

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