B.C.E. times

Pre-Christian gnosticism
• The Old Arabian Moon Religion and the Mosaic Tradition (D. Nielsen, 1904)
     1. The conception of “God”
     2. Sacred times
     3. Sacred places
     4. Moses in Midian
     5. Wandering in the wilderness
• The Messiah Son of Ephraim
          (C. Torrey, 1947)
     1. The slain messiah
     2. The two messiahs
     3. The union of man and God
     4. Slain by the gentiles
     5. Jewish history rewritten
• The Nazarene and Hidden Gnosis (R. Salm)
   1. Introduction
   2. Noah, the first Natsarene?
   3. David, Bethlehem, and the scribes
   4. Ephrathath and crossing over
   5. The demise of gnosticism
   6. Priests vs. Levites