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Jesus mythicism
     What is mythicism?
     Basic mythicist bibliography
     A statement on mythicism (F. Zindler)
     A. Drews (PDF 133 pp. [R. Bookaroo])

Contemporary commentary
• The Price-Ehrman debate (Oct. 2016)
     Pt. 1     Pt. 2     Pt. 3     Pt. 4     Pt. 5     Pt. 6
     The impotence of biblical studies
     Jesus mythicism on the upswing
• Mythicism on the cusp of history (R. Salm)
          Pt. 1   Pt. 2
     Closed and open minds
     Latest News from Aleteia
          (On the Church’s media juggernaut)
     J. P. Holding is sued for libel
     Brodie, McGrath, and the increasing
          polarization of biblical studies

     Nazareth archaeology causes breakdown
          in peer review system

Dr. Hermann Detering † 
• In memoriam: Dr. Hermann Detering    Pt. 1     Pt. 2
• The Hermann Detering legacy     Introduction
      Pt. 1     Pt. 2     Pt. 3     Pt. 4     Pt. 5     Pt. 6
• The Detering Commentaries: Table of Contents
     Click here for convenient links to my
series of thirty-eight posts on Detering’s
“The Gnostic Meaning of the Exodus and the Beginning of the Joshua/Jesus Cult” (2018).

• H. Detering confronts R. Carrier
          Pt. 1     Pt. 2     Pt. 3

B.C.E. times
     Pre-Christian gnosticism
• The Old Arabian Moon Religion and the Mosaic Tradition (D. Nielsen, 1904)
     1. The conception of “God”
     2. Sacred times
     3. Sacred places
     4. Moses in Midian
     5. Wandering in the wilderness
• The Messiah Son of Ephraim
          (C. Torrey, 1947)
     1. The slain messiah
     2. The two messiahs
     3. The union of man and God
     4. Slain by the gentiles
     5. Jewish history rewritten
• The Nazarene and Hidden Gnosis (R. Salm)
   1. Introduction
   2. Noah, the first Natsarene?
   3. David, Bethlehem, and the scribes
   4. Ephrathath and crossing over
   5. The demise of gnosticism
   6. Priests vs. Levites

Yeshu ha-Notsri
     Yeshu ha-Notsri
     Jesus the rebel against Judaism
• The Natsarene religion (R. Salm)
   1. The “lost” prophet
   2. A Buddhist connection?
   3. Lost Nazorean teachings
   4. Encratite spirituality
   5. The name “Nazarene”
   6. Secret Mark
   7. “Watching” and “being awake”
   8. Buddhist influence

Christian origins (overview)
     10 steps to the birth of Christianity
★  Three stages of early Christianity

The first century C.E.
• The early, bodiless Jesus (R. Salm)
   1. Joseph of Arimathea becomes Jesus
   2. Nicodemus is raised from the dead
   3. Jesus in multiple guises
   4. The early, bodiless Jesus
★   Before Jesus of Nazareth
Mythicists, docetists, Nazoreans

• The Hebrew Gospel    1    2    3    4    5   6

• UrMark (= The Hebrew Gospel)
       Introduction         ★ Working criteria
       Chp. 1    2    3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10
                11   12   13   14   15   16
       Complete reconstruction
       Received version (RSV, color coded)

• Samaria, The Messiah’s Homeland (G. Ory, 1956)
     1. The Simonian origins of Jesus
     2. Who was the disciple of Beelzebul?
     3. Simon and the taheb or messiah
     4. Dositheus ( = John) was the Samaritan Jesus
     5. Evidence identifying Theudas and John
     6. Josephus and a closing comment by R. Salm
• Hypothesis regarding John the Baptist (G. Ory, 1956)
     1. Birth narratives and baptism
     2. Apollos and the baptism of John; the Mandeans
     3. John was the Christ
• John was Jesus? (R. Price)
    1. Jesus before Easter
    2. Twin resurrections
    3. Shall we look for another?
• The unpublished Acts of Mark (R. Salm)
     • Notes    • Summary    • Translation    • Date
The Mandeans and Christian origins (R. Stahl, 1930)

The second century C.E.
• A new chronology
   1. “Paul,” the improbable phantom
   2. Paul moves to the 2nd century CE
   3. A revolution in the Synoptic Problem
   4. Towards a new synoptic solution
• Questioning the “Gospel of Marcion”
       Did Marcion author the first gospel?
       Pt. 1      Pt. 2      Pt. 3      Pt. 4
            Pt. 5      Pt. 6       Followup
The Christ and Jesus (G. Ory, 1968)
• The Hellenistic origins of Christianity
          (G. Ory, 1965)     Pt. 1     Pt. 2
★ How late was the name “Mark”?
     How late was the name “Paul”?

The French rationalist school
     Main page
          E. Renan (1823–1892)
          A. Loisy (1857-1940)
          J. Turmel (1859–1943)
          C. Guignebert (1867–1939)
          P. Alfaric (1876-1955)
          P.–L. Couchoud (1879–1959)
                    The Creation of Christ (PDF)
          G. Ory (1897–1983)

René J. Salm
My spiritual autobiography
     Pt. 1      Pt. 2      Pt. 3      Pt. 4
★  “Jesus has a Nazareth problem”
    Pt. 1     Pt. 2     Pt. 3     Pt. 4
     Nazareth archeology website
     The Myth of Nazareth (Review by R. Price)
     NazarethGate (Dec. 2015)
Category archives: Salm

Book reviews
★     The Myth of Nazareth
      (R. Salm, 2008. Review by R. Price)
• Beyond the Quest for the Historical Jesus
      (T. Brodie, 2012)     Pt. 1     Pt. 2     Pt. 3
• Mark, Canonizer of Paul (T. Dykstra, 2012)
          Pt. 1     Pt. 2     Pt. 3     Pt. 4
Berossus and Genesis, Manetho and Exodus
          (R. Gmirkin, 2006)
The Origin of the History of Israel
          (J. W. Wesselius, 2002)
Did Jesus Exist? (B. Ehrman, 2012)
          80+ links
Misquoting Jesus (B. Ehrman, 2005)
The Hebrew Gospel (R. Edwards, 2009)
          Pt. 1   Pt. 2
The Mandeans and Christian Origins
          (R. Stahl, 1930)
• A Shift in Time (L. Einhorn, 2016)
          Pt. 1   Pt. 2
Politics of Archaeology in Israel
          (C. Purdue, 2005)
• Crux Ansata: An Indictment of the Roman
          Catholic Church
(H. G. Wells, 1943)
          Pt. 1     Pt. 2     Pt. 3     Pt. 4

Frank R. Zindler
A Statement on Mythicism
Ehrman and the Cheshire Cat of Nazareth
Cognitive Dissonance:
     The Ehrman-Zindler Correspondence

     Nazareth archeology website
★ Nazareth video (October 2016)
     The Myth of Nazareth
          (Book review by R. Price)
     NazarethGate (book)
     Nazareth, Capernaum, and Tabor
     “Questioning the Bible
          (James Randi on Salm)
• Ehrman and Nazareth archeology   Pt. 1     Pt. 2
• Is the Caesarea inscription a forgery?
     1. Three plaques, no synagogue
     2. The discovery of fragment C
     3. The “Nazareth” fragment
     4. Heavenly deception
     5. The case for forgery
     6. Vardaman: an unprincipled lawbreaker
     7. The perfect storm
     8. The chronology of a crime
      A linear comparison
               (E. Tuccinardi)

Follies of Christianity
Questions for Jesus! (A. Manhattan)
          Pt. 1      Pt. 2
      Bakunin on God (M. O’Hare)
Churches, Government, & Land
          (M. O’Hare)
   Pt. 1   Pt. 2

     How to Get Rid of Historicists
     16 Awesomely Important Talks at the Upcoming SBL–AAR Convention
     How to Become a Saint! (A. Manhattan)

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