Into the night: Why Trump’s presidency is illegitimate—Pt. 3

It’s not about ethics We all know Trump is a ‘bad’ man—as in immoral, perhaps even amoral. If you’re in any doubt whatsoever on this rather elementary observation, you might refresh yourself on what the most revered religious figures and philosophers through history have said: lying is bad, stealing is bad, bedding down with your neighbor’s wife is bad, even looking upon her with lustful eyes is bad (Jesus, Mt. 5:28)… But poverty is fine (Lk. 6:20), giving away what you possess is fantastic (Mt. 19:21), and worldly riches are bogus (Mt. 6:19). So, yes, Trump is a bad man. But he probably glories in his misdeeds. Certainly, the Donald is neither the first nor the last thief to get … Continue reading

The 2016 election: Yes, this really happened—Pt. 2

As late as 7:20 PM Eastern Time on election day, November 8, 2016, The New York Times rated Clinton’s chances of winning the presidency at 85%. That was less than four hours before Florida was called for Trump at 10:53 PM—the first surprise of the evening, as we saw in the previous post. North Carolina followed for Trump about twenty minutes later—a surprise that was similarly against all the polling. A little later in the evening, the results in the three critical Rust Belt states proved even more surprising. Wisconsin finally put Trump over the 270 electoral vote threshold, though Trump had been given virtually no chance in that state—five out of nine polls had Clinton’s chances there at over … Continue reading

The 2016 election: What really happened?—Pt. 1

Joe Biden: “IT IS OVER” I hope you all witnessed the scene a few days ago as Joe Biden’s gavel descended on the Senate proceedings, bringing a desperate (and uncertain) element of closure to this bizarre 2016 election, and placing a metaphorical fig leaf of legitimacy over the incoming Trump administration’s privates—a shaky fig leaf put there by the Democrats, of all people. In fact, Joe’s gavel descended multiple times as four members of the House of Representatives, all Democrats, voiced their objections to the official tally of the Electoral College in a last gasp, one final attempt to reverse the official election tally that Congress had convened to certify. One objector, Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz), claimed that ten of Florida’s … Continue reading

An immodest proposal: Lock ’em up!

Some good friends recently sent me the following recommendation: We the People of these United States—319 million of us, give or take a few hundred thousand—should locate the 500 richest Americans and gather them into one place. That shouldn’t be too hard. A single large room will be sufficient to seat those 500 persons. Once they are together, we can ask those wealthiest individuals a few questions. The first is: Why should I work for you? It’s a simple question. Not complicated. The People can listen attentively to the reply from the super-rich, some of whom might, however, respond boorishly: “If you don’t work for me, I’ll cut off your head.” Such a response, of course, would not be a … Continue reading

Activists Urge Racist Presidential Election Results Should Not Be Certified

Note: This post contains a summary of election irregularities/illegalities that I’ve been reporting on over the last month on this website. As Steven Rosenfeld of AlterNet reports in the important article excerpted below, those irregularities were far more than sufficient to nullify Trump’s victory and hand the presidency to the rightful winner, Hillary Clinton. Rosenfeld’s article appeared on January 3 and can be read in full here. Emphasis (in italics and bold) has been added.—René Salm An intense women-led lobbying effort on Capital Hill spent Tuesday seeking two representatives and one senator to challenge Friday’s certification of 2016’s Electoral College vote, saying the nation needs to hear how Donald Trump’s margin of victory was built on racist tactics targeting black … Continue reading

Will the U.S.A. eventually break up?

A little history In 1991 the Soviet Union broke up. Historians are to this day baffled by that cataclysm, which some consider to have been the most significant political event in the twentieth century. The experts declare that the U.S. was not responsible. Yet—in both East and West—a pervasive suspicion exists that foreign subterfuge was at least complicit. Leaving that interesting angle aside, let’s note an aspect of Russian society that preceded the Soviet breakup. As we read in one article: To Gorbachev’s prime minister Nikolai Ryzhkov, the “moral state of the society” in 1985 was its “most terrifying” feature: [We] stole from ourselves, took and gave bribes, lied in the reports, in newspapers, from high podiums, wallowed in our … Continue reading

Green Party petitions DOJ to investigate this ugly election—NOW!

Twenty-four days until Trumpmageddon. Twenty-four days—and counting. Not everybody, though, says that Trump’s presidency is a done deal. Not everybody even says that the election is over. Michael Moore “isn’t ruling out the possibility that [Trump] won’t be sworn in at all.” If he is indeed sworn in, Moore is urging “national protest” and is planning on “non-violently disrupting” the inauguration. I don’t think I’d be able to bring myself to watch. How could I watch Trump put his hand on the Bible and swear to defend the Constitution? That’s not even a bad joke. Remember, Trump is the man whom the Huffington Post routinely describes thusly: “Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, … Continue reading

Truth matters: By the numbers Donald Trump LOST

The “evidence” of the recent election is already almost completely forgotten. By the numbers, Donald Trump LOST. Few people have bothered to inquire into the shenanigans in the swing states that bear out this conclusion. But it’s patent. If there were an accurate count, I have no doubt whatsoever that Hillary Clinton would win—both the popular and the electoral vote. Hands down. But, of course, there wasn’t an accurate count. That fact provides cover for Trump people to object. They taunt: “Prove to me that Hillary Clinton won those swing states.” My riposte is clear: “I’d love to prove it to you. But you won’t let me! An accurate count is precisely what Jill Stein and the Green Party tried … Continue reading

How dangerous is Trump? Senator Merkley: Way past “nightmare”

In an interview today with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Oregon Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley goes on record to raise the alarm regarding Donald Trump’s latest cabinet appointments, attitude toward nuclear weapons, and also regarding the president-elect’s character—which Sen. Merkley characterizes as “the maturity of a five-year old wrapped by a massive ego.” I offer this frightening nine-minute interview verbatim below, beginning at minute four. [4:20] CHRIS HAYES [MSNBC, speaking to the viewer]: There’s also a petition by the Ploughshares Fund, an anti-nuclear group calling for President Obama to take America’s nuclear arsenal off of hair-trigger alert, to prevent Trump from being able to launch a nuclear missile within minutes. That initiative may have gained new urgency today after Trump shared some … Continue reading

Breaking news: Senator now implies Russia hacked swing state voting machines for Trump!

Folks, it just gets crazier and crazier. This is huge. When I sat down at the computer last night I had no idea that I would hear my Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley say what he said on his recent YouTube video concerning the election. Sen. Merkley is at the cutting edge of any remaining chance the People have to contest Trump’s victory. The senator is very aware of the anomalies (that’s too nice a word) that allowed the GOP to ‘win.’ And he’s determined to find out more… The interview is transcribed below, with a few key points in bold. There’s one point, though, that I’ve put in red and bold—because if it’s true, folks, it’s out of the park… … Continue reading