Christianity in the Light of Science—Book announcement

A couple of days ago I received my author’s copies of the forthcoming anthology of essays, Christianity in the Light of Science: Critically Examining the World’s Largest Religion (Prometheus Books, 399 pp, US $19). The book goes on sale July 26, 2016, and it is available at pre-order discount on The volume should also be available soon through Prometheus Books (whose website is currently in upgrade mode) and, of course, via your favorite local bookstore. My contribution is Chapter 12 (of fifteen), entitled “Pious Fraud at Nazareth.” Christianity in the Light of Science is edited by John Loftus (his fourth such anthology) and has a Foreword by Frank Zindler. It is dedicated to the late Victor Stenger, whose New … Continue reading


PDF’s are not subject to the Search, Category, and Tag features of this website. Hence, their valuable contents are not available unless one opens each PDF and actually reads it. My hope is to convert these PDF’s to posts/pages as time permits, and thus to make their contents available to the reader via the powerful features that WordPress offers. For now, however, please click on one or more of the following to read the content. (Click on the title “PDF’s” if the list is not visible below.) Nazareth, the Caesarea Inscription, and the hand of God (E. Tuccinardi) (Complete article in English) ––––––––––––––––––– David Fitzgerald, “Ten Beautiful Lies About Jesus” ––––––––––––––––––– The Natsarene and Hidden Gnosis (Salm) A newer and … Continue reading

Frank Zindler

Biographical note Frank R. Zindler has been an Atheist activist since 1959 when he began publicly to defend the teaching of evolution and to criticize religious encroachments upon the public sphere. A professor of biology and geology at SUNY for almost twenty years, he was forced to give up teaching when he joined Madalyn Murray O’Hair in a lawsuit that attempted to remove “In God We Trust” from American currency. A linguist and editor of scientific literature, he is a former member of The Jesus Seminar and the current Jesus Project and is the author of The Jesus the Jews Never Knew: Sepher Toldoth Yeshu and the Quest of the Historical Jesus in Jewish Sources (2003). Zindler is a veteran … Continue reading