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     The Myth of Nazareth
          (Book review by R. Price)
     NazarethGate (book)
     Nazareth, Capernaum, and Tabor
     “Questioning the Bible
          (James Randi on Salm)
• Ehrman and Nazareth archeology   Pt. 1     Pt. 2
• Is the Caesarea inscription a forgery?
     1. Three plaques, no synagogue
     2. The discovery of fragment C
     3. The “Nazareth” fragment
     4. Heavenly deception
     5. The case for forgery
     6. Vardaman: an unprincipled lawbreaker
     7. The perfect storm
     8. The chronology of a crime
     + A linear comparison (E. Tuccinardi)