The Detering Commentaries: Table of Contents

Dr. Hermann Detering
“The Gnostic Meaning of the Exodus and the Beginning of the Joshua/Jesus Cult” (2018)
Commentary by René Salm

This extensive series of posts explores literary, religious, and historical links between Buddhism and Christian origins.
It argues that Christianity emerged from a gnostic substratum,
and that the figure Jesus of Nazareth and the New Testament gospels
are second century CE developments.

Table of Contents

Pt. 1. Some backgroundStructure of Dr. Detering’s article
★ Pt. 2. The later (Jesus Mythicist) chronology
Pt. 3. Water, water everywhereMaterialism vs. gnosticism
Pt. 4. Sacred water and hidden meaning below the surfaceThe serpentPassing through the upside-down vortexThe moon — The moon, water, and the BaptistConnecting the dots
Pt. 5. The Therapeutae—Pt. 1: Summary of the evidenceWhat do we know about the Therapeutae? (23 characteristics)Analysis
Pt. 6. The Therapeutae—Pt. 2: Extensive parallels between the Therapeutae and Buddhism
Pt. 7. The Therapeutae—Pt. 3: Passover and PentecostSix and SevenFifty days — The all-night vigil
Pt. 8. The Therapeutae—Pt. 4: Buddhism with a difference? — A little-known Jewish sect — Mandeism — Persia and India — Were the Therapeutae Christians?
★ Pt. 9. Simon Magus—Pt. 1
Pt. 10. The Peratae—Pt. 1: Indian influences — The serpent, Enki, and Kundalini — Buddhism, emptiness, and transience
Pt. 11. The Peratae—Pt. 2: ‘Cross over’ in the Gospel of MarkThe serpent (again)Baptism as life itself — The water holds back
Pt. 12. Simon Magus—Pt. 2: Simon Magus as a ‘Christ’ figureToo many characters
Pt. 13. Simon Magus—Pt. 3: The doctrines — The ‘Standing One’
Pt. 14. Simon Magus—Pt. 4: The ‘Standing One’ (cont.) — Overlaps everywhere — What more do we know of “The Standing One”?
Pt. 15. Simon Magus—Conclusion: Crossing the Jordan RiverJohn the Baptist → Jesus — Simon Magus → Simon Peter
Pt. 16. The Naassenes
Pt. 17. The Testimony of Truth — Water, a nuanced symbol — This could not be more Buddhist — Gnosis under assault
Pt. 18. The Odes of Solomon—Pt. 1: Dating — ‘Water’ once again — Ode 39, the Flood, and Buddhism
Pt. 19. The Odes of Solomon—Pt. 2: Buddhism, and the Odist’s gnostic credentials — On the border between gnosticism and catholicism — Music and the Odes
Pt. 20. The Odes of Solomon—Conclusion: The theology of immanence — The Mystery Religions — Paul and JohnDr. Detering’s recent article on the Odes
Pt. 21. The Mandeans—Pt. 1: Introduction — The Mandeans retained the spiritual meaningEver-present Gnosticism
Pt. 22. The Mandeans—Pt. 2: ‘The Sea of the Ending’ (cont.)
Pt. 23. Indian themes: Resumé“Crossing over” in the Upanishads“Crossing over” in Buddhism
Pt. 24. Buddhism and the Odes of SolomonBuddhism and the gospels
★ Pt. 25. The Therapeutae—Pt. 5A new Chronology and Yeshu ha-NotsriThe name “Therapeutae”

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