The Detering Commentaries: Table of Contents

Dr. Hermann Detering
“The Gnostic Meaning of the Exodus and the Beginning of the Joshua/Jesus Cult” (2018)
Commentary by René Salm

This extensive series of posts explores literary, religious, and historical links between Buddhism and Christian origins.
It argues that Christianity emerged from a gnostic substratum,
and that the figure Jesus of Nazareth and the New Testament gospels
are second century CE developments.

Table of Contents

Pt. 1. Some backgroundStructure of Dr. Detering’s article
★ Pt. 2. The later (Jesus Mythicist) chronology
Pt. 3. Water, water everywhereMaterialism vs. gnosticism
Pt. 4. Sacred water and hidden meaning below the surfaceThe serpentPassing through the upside-down vortexThe moon — The moon, water, and the BaptistConnecting the dots
Pt. 5. The Therapeutae—Pt. 1: Summary of the evidenceWhat do we know about the Therapeutae? (23 characteristics)Analysis
Pt. 6. The Therapeutae—Pt. 2: Extensive parallels between the Therapeutae and Buddhism
Pt. 7. The Therapeutae—Pt. 3: Passover and PentecostSix and SevenFifty days — The all-night vigil
Pt. 8. The Therapeutae—Pt. 4: Buddhism with a difference? — A little-known Jewish sect — Mandeism — Persia and India — Were the Therapeutae Christians?
★ Pt. 9. Simon Magus—Pt. 1
Pt. 10. The Peratae—Pt. 1: Indian influences — The serpent, Enki, and Kundalini — Buddhism, emptiness, and transience
Pt. 11. The Peratae—Pt. 2: ‘Cross over’ in the Gospel of MarkThe serpent (again)Baptism as life itself — The water holds back
Pt. 12. Simon Magus—Pt. 2: Simon Magus as a ‘Christ’ figureToo many characters
Pt. 13. Simon Magus—Pt. 3: The doctrines — The ‘Standing One’
Pt. 14. Simon Magus—Pt. 4: The ‘Standing One’ (cont.) — Overlaps everywhere — What more do we know of “The Standing One”?
Pt. 15. Simon Magus—Conclusion: Crossing the Jordan RiverJohn the Baptist → Jesus — Simon Magus → Simon Peter
Pt. 16. The Naassenes
Pt. 17. The Testimony of Truth — Water, a nuanced symbol — This could not be more Buddhist — Gnosis under assault
Pt. 18. The Odes of Solomon—Pt. 1: Dating — ‘Water’ once again — Ode 39, the Flood, and Buddhism
Pt. 19. The Odes of Solomon—Pt. 2: Buddhism, and the Odist’s gnostic credentials — On the border between gnosticism and catholicism — Music and the Odes
Pt. 20. The Odes of Solomon—Conclusion: The theology of immanence — The Mystery Religions — Paul and JohnDr. Detering’s recent article on the Odes
Pt. 21. The Mandeans—Pt. 1: Introduction — The Mandeans retained the spiritual meaningEver-present Gnosticism
Pt. 22. The Mandeans—Pt. 2: ‘The Sea of the Ending’ (cont.)
Pt. 23. Indian themes: Resumé“Crossing over” in the Upanishads“Crossing over” in Buddhism
Pt. 24. Buddhism and the Odes of SolomonBuddhism and the gospels
★ Pt. 25. The Therapeutae—Pt. 5A new Chronology and Yeshu ha-NotsriThe name “Therapeutae”
Pt. 26. The Therapeutae—Pt. 6: The Therapeutae, Buddhism, and Gnosis
★ Pt. 27. The Therapeutae—Pt. 7A turning pointThe Levites, baptism, and Jewish influencesBuddhism and metaphorical waterThe Levites and Christian beginnings
Pt. 28. Jesus, Joshua ben Nun, Dositheus, and the “True Prophet”IXΘYΣ—The meaning of the fish symbol in early Christianity
Pt. 29. The Egyptian background—Pt. 1Out of EgyptAncient Jewish revisionismSamaritans: Heirs of the northern traditions
Pt. 30. The Egyptian background—Pt. 2: Nun and the Egyptian pantheon. A seminal scholarThe god Nun
Pt. 31. The Didache—Pt. 1“Joshua, the Anointed One”BethlehemThe Messiah in the DidacheThe Levites, the Didache, and Christianity
Pt. 32. The Didache–Pt. 2Jesus/Joshua is not divine and he is not “Lord”
Pt. 33. The Didache–Pt. 3Before the canonical gospels — A second Joshua
★ Pt. 34. The Didache–Pt. 4The spiritual Jesus — The Church takes control — Yeshu — Dating — Conclusion
Pt. 35. The ever-present Jesus — Both man and God
Pt. 36. The Transfiguration — “Let us go to the other side” (Mk 4:35) — Buddhism in Christianity
Pt. 37. Justin Martyr: Exegesis of Jewish scripture by the Church FathersJustin Martyr and the New Chronology
★ Pt. 38. ConclusionsDr. Detering’s overall conclusionMy conclusion to the commentary series (R. Salm)An overlooked prophetQumranThe priority of gnostic Christianity

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