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This is my first post since “going dark” 10 months ago, following the apocalyptic election of President Donald Trump. In those months I drafted a few posts and put them aside. I will upload them over the next few weeks. One reason is today’s decision by Trump’s FCC to abandon net neutrality. Folks, we don’t know how long controversial content such as this website will exist freely on the Web, and we need to get our opinions out there while we can do so in an unfettered way.
On a personal note, I’ve managed to read a few of the books in my library (as planned)—but nowhere near as many as hoped. I then succumbed, during the summer, to the call of music. Many of you know that I am a music composer and one-time performer. I’ve now decided to publish the many musical compositions that have lain dormant in my drawer for years—even decades. So I’m starting a small publishing company (Laureate Music, website to be up in January). Since beginning research on The Myth of Nazareth almost twenty years ago, music has taken a back seat. At age 65, my time is limited, and one must make choices. Readers will understand. Stay tuned.—René

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René Salm is the author of two books on New Testament archeology and manages the companion website


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  1. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say I’m very glad to see you posting again!

    As for the demise of net neutrality — we’ll see. It’s a deeply unpopular decision and lawyers are already sharpening their knives. Even if it ends up going badly, it will just have to be added to the list of damage to be undone when the Repubs inevitably lose their grip on the government.

    • I agree–and I hope you’re right about the Repubs “inevitably” losing their grip on the government. They’re working furiously day by day to make sure that doesn’t happen–the law be damned. The country’s going to have to find the backbone to save it’s own democracy. Will keep a good thought… And good to hear from you again, Peter!–RS

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