My new 2021 article on archaeological shenanigans in Nazareth

I have just uploaded a 29 page rebuttal to My article refutes a 2020 “primary report” by Yardenna Alexandre, an archaeologist with the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). Her article concerns the site in Nazareth commonly known as “the house from the time of Jesus.” The abstract of my rebuttal article follows:

In 2020 the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) published an extensive article in its journal ‘Atiqot authored by one of its archaeologists, Dr. Yardenna Alexandre, a name familiar to readers of my books and to those interested in the archaeological history of Nazareth, Israel. The IAA article goes far beyond a standard excavation report and functions also as an updated history of Nazareth. I point out that many of the structural features that Alexandre claims were walls of a “house” do not exist in the material remains, and that claims to have found a large quantity of Hellenistic pottery shards at the Mary of Nazareth Center site are improbable and in some cases impossible. The archaeologist has nevertheless used these dubious ceramic claims to date the “house” to “the time of Jesus.”

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